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Staying up until midnight is not exciting. It's either standard or tedious. There are no New Year's Eve food.

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In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve, and made them in His likeness. This is the story that everyone has heard, most likely regardless of what religion you follow. For example, In Egypt, this is the story of Osiris and Seth.

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A story about achievements, greed, deception and a little game called Eve-Online. In other words a great little story. This story has nothing to do with me wirm or any one i know for that matter.

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Photo by Flickr user Peter Thoeny. Growing up, we had a family tradition of putting the Times Square ball-dropping ceremonies on our living room TV so we could count down the minutes until the new year. This was kind of contrived, since we lived in California and by the time the ball dropped, it was only 9 PM.

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Carolyn says the word won her a spelling bee as a child, and of course references the Greek myth of Sisyphus, who was eternally doomed by Zeus to push a boulder up a hill. In a way, I feel scarred by it all, traumatized by the harmful portrayals of queer women that negatively affected my psyche throughout my adolescence and young adulthood. In essence, queerbaiting is when a film or TV show appropriates queer culture for selfish ends, baiting viewers with false hints of same-sex relationships or depicting stereotypical, shallow queer characters.

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Watch enough TV, read enough books, see enough movies, and a funny, not altogether unpleasant, thing happens: You start to feel the beats before they arrive. Some of them are great! But it does tend to let the air out of the tires from time to time.

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But celebrating the date going from the 31st to the 1st does not warrant queuing six deep at a bar full of fannies sloshing Jagermeister into my eyeballs. If I could be guaranteed that throughout the whole of I will be served caviar by a golden unicorn which expels Faberge eggs out of its bejewelled back passage - then maybe, just MAYBE - I will spend 3 hours in a taxi queue as some brainless ballbag vomits vodka Red Bull all over my back. But that never happens, does it?

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