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Last weekend, as I was putting away the breakfast dishes, it finally dawned on me that there was something different about my husband. It may have taken me an entire weekend to notice it hellooosleep deprivation and stomach flusbut when I finally did, my reaction was less than favorable. A few surveys and studies reveal, in fact, that most of us womenfolk like a guy with some facial hair.

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Source: NY Mag. Guys lucky enough to have some growth back there are well aware of its divisive nature. Source: Nrcc.

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When it comes to grooming, men have followed the lead of women in recent years, and opted for a hair free body. There is no shame in a man admitting to waxing or shaving these days, preferring a polished torso to a hairy chest. Nothing wrong with a bit of a tidy up but men stripping themselves of all masculinity completely seems a waste.

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If you think that being clean-shaven and relatively hairless is sexy, boy, do I have news for you. What I'm about to tell you is going to change your life, so you best prepare yourself, my friend. According to an illuminating video by AsapSCIENCEwomen are really into woolly dudes they can snuggle up to like they would a warm, fuzzy blanket on a brisk autumn day, so it looks like having a downy chest-rug like Tom Selleck and a big, bushy, luxurious beard like Charles Darwin is what truly gets the ladies hot and bothered. Hell yeah.

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How dare she, a womanreveal such an unsightly thing? Well, to all of you chastising Miley and her armpit hair, you need to take a breather and realize that not only is body hair natural, but being hairy is good for you … or so says science. According to a study by University of Bradford, not only is being hairy good for youno matter your gender, but it also tells a lot about the inner workings of your body, like your circulation and possibly even your intelligence.

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Log in or Sign up. Season 7 of the International Shoop League is now active! Why am I so god damn hairy!

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A recent survey claimed that most women find hirsute men a turn-off. But are hairless armpits really so desirable? Fionola Meredith wonders where all this 'manscaping' will lead.

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So who better to provide a glimpse into the world of the super-smooth male? GG: More and more men seem to be waxing these days. Why do you think that is? And what are the benefits of waxing?

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Does it you look like you're sporting a sweater vest every single day of the year? Are your arms, legs, shoulders, stomach, back, balls, and all manner of other body parts covered in a forest so dense you have trouble picturing what your bare body might even looks like? Have you destroyed three or more manscaping devices—be they electric razors, manual ones, epilators, or otherwise—all within the past year?

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There is a right way to approach the task of hair trimming and removal, and it differs for each body part. What is safe for one might be a hard pass for another. Shave here, trim there, and leave your forearm hair be.


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